Carrot Juice: Great Amount of Vitamin A, B and C


Carrot Juice: Great Amount of Vitamin A, B and CIngredients:
• 6 carrots gig enough.

1. Cut the ends of the carrots.
2. Extract their juice.
3. Drink it and enjoy!

Properties of Carrots:
Carrots contain a great amount of vitamin A, B and C, minerals like calcium, phosphorus and potassium; purify the blood, improve eyesight, disinfect intestines, help over weight problems, skin problems, intestinal disorders and help expel intestinal parasites by drinking the juice having eating no food before.

You may be kid of person who does not like to combine the different flavours that we can obtain from fruit and vegetables juices, and like to drink a single ingredient juice. Because of that, we recommend you the following single ingredient juices orange, carrot and grape. Please do not forget to wash and disinfect fruits and vegetables.

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  1. Interesting recipe. I would recommend the adventorous to add a bit of celery and ginger andtry my favourite jiuce with carrot. Its great especially on a cold day. Claude

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