Juice Therapy


Fruits and Vegetables are healthy and easily ingested by the body.

Fruits and Vegetables are healthy and easily ingested by the body.

A way to achieve a healthy and natural feeding is to consume fruits and vegetables to keep a well balanced body. Little by little juice therapy (therapy based on fruits and vegetables juices) can heal a countless number of diseases which were originated by poor feeding.

We should never forget that nature is wise; therefore, we have to trust everything it provides for us, like fruits, vegetables which must be ripe and fresh. The best thing is that the body can assimilate them easily; another thing about this fruits and vegetables is that most of them are eatable with the exception of some citrus fruits, the melon and watermelon should be consumed alone.

It is important than the fruits and vegetables are perfectly washed and disinfected before making juice, and drink it right after preparing it, otherwise it may loose some properties, the most adequate way to drink it is little by little and we recommend to drink it 45 minutes or 1 hour before eaten our normal food.

Juices have different effects in the body; detoxify, regenerate, strengthen, purify, help restore cells and more than anything provide energy to the body. If a person suffers from any disease like diabetes, juices high in sugar should be avoided.

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