Preparation Process for Teas and Infusions


Preparation Process for Teas and Infusions*Decoction: Put herbs in cold water first, than heat is for some minutes.
*Infusion: Add the herbs in boiling water and let them steep for short time.

Most Common Infusions
In order to make kind of teas, we should know that we can use one kind of plant or we can combine two or more herbs, stems or fruit, as long as they can be mix as presented in the following recommendations.

One Plant Tea
Chamomile tea: It is recommended to drink chamomile tea to control slight digestive problems like diarrhea, indigestion, and cramps. This tea may also be used when we get swallowed or tired eyes by placing two small cotton balls on the eyes, previously soaked in this tea.

Its beneficial properties can help control nervousness, acting as sedative and relaxant the same that the tila. Drinking this tea should be carefully consumed.

Mint Tea
Mint is a very aromatic plant, nice to the taste when sweetened with honey or sugar, its properties are beneficial are to relive cough, asthma problems, and lack appetite.

Anis Tea
Its properties regulate menstrual functions, at the some time it helps combat those uncomfortable intestinal gases, since this tea helps the digestive system.

Zarzaparrilla Tea
Its properties eliminate liquid retention in the body; you can enjoy its benefits by taking a cup of this tea everyday.

Marrubio Tea
This is tea is anti – inflammatory and helps loose weight, just to mention some of benefits. Take 2 cups daily.

Apple and cinnamon tea to relieve flu and common cold
• 4 apples.
• ½ liter of water.
• 2 cinnamon.
• Honey as desired.

1. Wash the apples perfectly.
2. Cut them in thin slices.
3. Add them in water with the cinnamon sticks.
4. Cook it over low heat.
5. Pour it through a strainer and then serve it in a cup.
6. Sweeten with honey as desired.

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